Become A Community Liaison

Interactive Agent (IA_) is giving Kiwi influencers & streamers an opportunity to become a Community Liaison. Not only does this programme give you access to our special Liaison pricing, but also gives you the chance to earn commission on sales from your community. We also include your profile in our marketing rotation - that means paid marketing for free!

To join our Liaison program, you must:

- be over 16 years of age
- be living in New Zealand
- have an active social media account, with community engagement
- be able to capture great images, and confident using stories/reels. 
- have a PayPal account

We may have specific post requirements which will be detailed below.

If you are interested in signing up as a Community Liaison, you can click on this link to be taken to our onboarding portal.


How will you check that I'm over 16 years of age?

To be honest, we don't. IA_ trusts you to be honest with us. However we do reserve the right to verify if we feel a check is warranted.

What are the commission rates?

These will be dependant on the Liaison tier you're on, and what type of products are sold, and what promotions are running. More specific information will come to you after you sign up.

Why do I need a PayPal account?

The Liaison integration we use requires a PayPal account for payout tracking. We'd love to be able to make bank transfers, and are still looking at ways to integrate this. Watch this space!

Is this available for all streamers?

At the moment, we're only offering this to New Zealand streamers. We are looking at expanding, but it takes time to make the right arrangements. Watch this space.

Are there any other requirements?

The integration we use will require you to create a Shopify account. You will be prompted to do this when you start onboarding.

What does "active social media account, with community engagement" mean?

This program would ideally be suitable for influencers & streamers whom are continually engaging their community often, and using their social media. We generally ask applicants to be posting at least 5 times or streaming at least twice a month, with a total combined time of 8 hours of streaming.

In saying that, we're not just going to give you a flat out "No", and we're not going to chase you up. But for this program to be worth your while, continuous engagement would be a good thing for you.