About Us

Interactive Agent (IA_) focuses on gamers, and streamers. encouraging the creation of communities. IA_ is the parent organisation that oversees the following activities:

  • IA_ Discord community server.
  • IA_ Discord test server.
  • Online store.
  • IA_ game servers.
  • IA_ Community Liaison sponsorship programme

IA_ is based in New Zealand, but the community spans across the world. While it was originally for Oceania gamers, it has expanded to cater for the international community.


We care about our planet, believing that we need to leave it in a better condition for those that follow after us. All orders processed through us are carbon neutral. We offset our footprint by contributing to the Shopify Sustainability Fund.


IA_ is a registered company in New Zealand with the following corporation details:

Interactive Agent Limited
NZBN: 9429048838771
GST: 133-128-620