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  • Shift+F7

    Shift+F7 is the leader of the community. He enjoys long walks on the beach, candle-lit dinners, and talking for hours under the starry night sky. He also likes to joke about things he enjoys, like walking, eating with others, and talking. Awkwardness, and creepiness are his thing, because he enjoys making people laugh, as much as he does making them uncomfortable.

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    Join our community in sharing memes, banter, gaming experiences, weird pictures, and some other marketing buzzword that we can't be bothered thinking of using.

    Hang out, post memes, weird people out, eat food wrongly, and all the other fun stuff - the majority of our activities are done in here, so come see what games we're all playing, and join in.

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Meanwhile, on Twitch: Sassafras_143's fear :D