Interactive Agent Hub Discord Server Rules

Interactive Agent Admin


[1] The server is rated R18. **This is important**, as content frequently reflects this.
[2] No bullying or toxicity.
[3] No sharing of graphically violent, or pornographic videos, even in the Red Light District. See our Public Information Guide for details.
[4] No harassing or deliberately annoying other members.
[5] No spamming of PMs, text, or voice channels.
[6] No frequent channel hopping.
[7] No assisting banned users in gaining access to this community or its events.
[8] No cheating in games.
[9] No advertising of non-Oceanic Kents events, services or servers without permission of the Management team.



[1] Share content (including external sites) in the appropriate channel.
[2] NSFW content goes into the Red Light District.
[3] If you are streaming, please add "(streaming)" to the end of your name, to alert others in the channel, and those who may join later.
[4] Please keep bot commands to the designated bot commands channel.



Updated 1 June 2021.
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